In recent years  super casinos have come into the public spotlight as more and more casino operators try and expand their reach by building huge bricks and mortar casinos throughout the world. Chances are you have seen the super casinos in Las Vegas such as the Bellagio or MGM. These casinos differentiate themselves by their sheer size and capacity. The standard casino may be able to house 20 table games where as a super casino houses hundreds. Super casinos also have huge hotels attached to them will be capacity to house thousands of patrons every single night. These casinos attracts the super rich and famous from all over the world due to their luxurious and super high-end facilities and restaurants. For more info on supercasinos see

Super casinos generally only exist in a few countries throughout the world including USA, Australia and Macau. Plans are in the works for a super casino in Europe, the plans were originally looking to have it built in Barcelona. These plans were scrapped several years ago due to the economic downturn. Other locations include Manchester and London. London was eventually chosen but the new super casino in Stratford is nowhere near the size or volume of super casinos in other parts of the world. In fact it houses just 20 table games and a hundred slot machines.

With the advent of the Internet many people can’t be bothered to fly halfway around the world to gamble as such bricks and mortar casino buildings in the decrease in to many investors and casino owners of viciously opposing laws that will accept online gambling sites.