For a country which prides itself on inventing a number of casino games and is home to the gambling capital of the world  it’s surprising their view on online gambling. Around 15-20 years ago the boom in internet gambling and the internet in general started to really take off, casinos were opening their doors and offering the most incredible signup bonuses. USA players were able to signup without hassle and deposit using their credit cards and even wallet systems like neteller. Withdrawing was easy too they could receive a wire or cheque as well as a credit  back to their card in a matter of days

Everything looked great and players were happy with the choice and freedom to play game which they could legally play down the road at a bricks and mortar casino! Then  on Oct 13th 2006 then UIGEA came in to affect otherwise known as the “Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act” making it illegal for banks to process transactions for gambling sites, in an instant many big gambling sites were killed off. Big  companies like party decided to pull out straight away since they were floated on the london stock exchange they has a lot to risk by staying in an black market.

Companies like full tilt poker and pokerstars stayed in the USA market by  processing transactions under fake accounts, this would come to a halt in 2011 which would be known as black friday in the poker world, as the FBI shutdown several big poker sites, a couple never returned as it turned out they were doing many other illegal things such as money laundering while pokerstars was back up and running serving the ROW just 2 weeks later.


Party 2 coming soon…..