olimpic casino writes about the history of uk gambling and how it’s become one of the worlds online gambling hotspots

Gambling in the UK has always been popular, gambling dens have been around for hundreds of years in one form or another. around 120 a couple called Messrs Schwind and Pendleton founded a small betting company in Worcestershire, the company was setup at Ladbroke house which then gave birth to the name ‘Ladbrokes’  before moving to London.

Since then the casino has had many changes, not only in terms of size and direction but also ownership and directors. At one point Ladbrokes owned the Hilton brand outside the USA  Initially Ladbrokes was targeted at the higher calls members of society, being an elite gambling club for aristocracy and London socialites. Nowadays it’s a very different story as Ladbrokes is aimed at casual football bettors and people willing to play on their popular *but dangerous” FOBTS

Nowadays Ladbrokes is still around and a strong brand in the UK, with more shops than any other they are one of the few companies to thrive on the demise of the high street. However growth of the company has been stunted by the inability or ignorance of the directors to grown and adapt to the internet. They were slow to adapt to mobile technology and inplay gaming, where as companies like bet365 have grown from strength to strength, infact ladbrokes proft last year was just £50m while bet365 raked in a cool £330m despite being a 15 year old company!

Bet365 started from a small car park in stoke to a company employing over 2,400 staff in the UK they now have customer in 150 countries with one of the most adaptive and fast growing online betting sites in the world. Infact the bet365 website has been know to handle over 2,000,000 concurrent users!