In recent years  super casinos have come into the public spotlight as more and more casino operators try and expand their reach by building huge bricks and mortar casinos throughout the world. Chances are you have seen the super casinos in Las Vegas such as the Bellagio or MGM. These casinos differentiate themselves by their […]

After black friday hit the poker world it almsot destroyed the poker world, many full time pros in USA lost all their income, many say it’s their own fault, after all the government said they don’t want people playing online (although it was still technically legal). Many pros have sinced moved to more legal countries […]

Nowadays with so much choice when it comes to an online casino it can be a fast way to losing your money, not only are the odds already stacked against you but what if you win? are you guaranteed a payout? Here are a few basic but essential tips to avoid getting scammed by the […]

olimpic casino writes about the history of uk gambling and how it’s become one of the worlds online gambling hotspots Gambling in the UK has always been popular, gambling dens have been around for hundreds of years in one form or another. around 120 a couple called Messrs Schwind and Pendleton founded a small betting company […]

The choice is vast,  since casinos first launched on the net the amount of companies trying to cash in on the success is vast! Microgaming was one of the first companies to create an online gaming product, they launched one of the first online casinos. The other big starter was ‘cryptologic’  but unlike Microgaming they […]

Since the inception of the internet when  online gambling  was available to anyone with a credit card it has grown to become an industry worth billions in revenue each day. Casinos started of using very basic software, usually players were forced in to download a windows application to install bulky clients with simple games like blackjack, […]

For a country which prides itself on inventing a number of casino games and is home to the gambling capital of the world  it’s surprising their view on online gambling. Around 15-20 years ago the boom in internet gambling and the internet in general started to really take off, casinos were opening their doors and […]